Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Movie Reviews

Pyaar Ka Punchnama proving to be a sleeper hit back in 2011, where for the first time the movie depicted theme of men being victims of love. Now four years later, director Luv Ranjan returns with the sequel. So what new has it this time…

What’s it about?

Like the previous film, our heroes, Gogo (Kartik Aaryan), Thakur (Omkar Kapoor) and Siddharth (Sunny Singh) are roommates and best of buddies. All three get attracted to three different girls on the same day., and even hit it off with them easily. Except the fact that Thakur earns almost Rs 3 lac pm, lets look at these girls. Gogo falls for Ruchika (Nushrat Bharucha) who is a spoilt brat, and is more interested in keeping her friends happy than her boyfriend. Thakur is mesmerised by Kusum (Ishita Raj), an outspoken girl who in the name of controlling him and his finances, make him spend a lot more on her. And Sidharth falls heads over heels in love with Supriya (Sonalli Sehgal), who makes him do all her household chores to appease her parents, only to later nod to their choice of guy. If you feel you have heard it all before, I guess you are not wrong in thinking so…

What’s hot

For one thing, the film works for its genre, i.e. anti romcom. There are some terrific one liners and situations in the film, kudos to Rahul Mody, Tarun Jain and Luv Ranjan. Even if my girl friends hate me, I can’t help but say I laughed a few times on a few woman bashing jokes. I especially loved the scene, where the guys wonder how girls can have male best friends, when they haven’t got a single female best friend! There are definitely a few situations in the film that every guy in the theatre would relate to at some point of their life. The first half is quite breezy and fast paced even with that feeling of deja vu creeping in. The interval point was the best part, where they took a dig at the smoking disclaimers. The chemistry between the friends is something we could easily relate.. All the three lead men are natural performers, and it’s hard to choose the best between them. Kartik Aaryan brings in the experience of being in the first film, as he confidently struts his stuff (especially in the monologue scene). Omkar Kapoor, that child actor from Masoom (the one with the Chota bachcha song) is all grown up and is an adept performer with a charming smile and a great body. Sunny Singh is no Divyendu Sharma (I really missed Liquid! He was one character I could relate to), but still has a likeable presence. The leading ladies are hot and adequate, but Nusrat Bharucha scores over the rest with her princess act.  There are only three songs and they don’t act as speed breakers in the proceedings.

What’s not

First things first, the entire film reeks of been-there-done-that! Be it the situations, the girls’ characters  and the ‘poor’ guys’ plight, we have seen all that in the first part. The script writers have just tweaked the situations here and there (e.g. throwing in a girl’s family in the mix, ex-boyfriend turns best friend!). The girls’ personalities are just switched  around with Nusrat playing the over-friendly girl this time while Sonalli gets to play the confused, manipulative girl, leaving the new girl to be the controlling minx. In short, women remain the same – one-dimensional ungrateful opportunistic females. Why can’t we have atleast one female character who is fleshed out? Even the culmination to all the love stories goes the  same way. Why the director even throws in a scene where the boys take their girlfriends on a holiday, just like in the first film. Only because, the director got a bigger budget here, they get to go abroad, instead of Goa! We don’t even feel much for the guys, as we have seen all the motions and emotions earlier. Fine, we understand that guys like us are being ‘manipulated’, but what’s the solution? Are the makers hinting that we remain single or turn gays, since, as per these films, whenever we  fall in love with a girl, we end up in a bar! The film is too one sided towards the men, with even the camera focussing on the girls’ curves than on their faces.

Speaking about that epic monologue, no…it isn’t as funny as the first time we heard it. You will chuckle here and there (The Titanic reference was hilarious, but it’s stolen!), but its too long and not entirely funny. Even its placement in the film seems forced, unlike in the original where it came in the right juncture and quite unexpected too. But kudos to the actor for delivering it perfectly. The final product lacks the finesse of (500) Days of Summer, a superb film that is also about a boy’s perception of a relationship.

What to do

There is a saying that the first time, a new joke would work fine, but the second time around, it can only elicit forced chuckles if you don’t bring anything new. PKP2 is not a terrible sequel, in fact, it is enjoyable especially if you haven’t seen the first film. But if you have, you can easily guess where it’s all going. Nonetheless, you can still have a few laughs. Just a warning for the guys, don’t take your wife or girlfriend to the movie. If you laugh at any of the jokes, rest assured you will be sleeping on the couch tonight!