Jazbaa (Jazba) Movie Reviews

Jazbaa is great direction along with action drama slinged, Sanjay Gupta has also zipped the script of the film in association with Robin Bhatt. The movie was in smoke ever since it was announced as it backed Aishwarya Rai’ presence on big screen after five years.

Anuradha Verma (Aishwarya Rai) is a prominent criminal lawyer whose daughter is abducted and the abductor demands her rescuing a rapist and murderer of a young woman to get her daughter released. Her friend Yohan, a suspended cop, comes in support of her. The abductor keeps a check on every move of her making sure he is not caught by Police. The prosecutor is a long run rival of Anuradha and is determined to defeat her. The climax of the story lies in effort of Anuradha to save her daughter.

The audience, who have watched Jazbaa, says that it is all about an interesting turns in the story engulfing screenplay being the major highlights of the movie. Aishwarya has completed the movie with great performance and a perfect comeback. Irrfan Khan and Shabana Azmi‘ performances mark among the good assets of the movie. The movie has also credited viewers with great production features



  • Ria Singhal

    Watched #Jazbaa. A truly captivating thriller with a powerful finale. Slick, stylish & fast-paced, the film’s high point is it’s taut screenplay. Sanjay Gupta’s deft direction uplifts even an ordinary sequence. Aiding him are punch-packed dialogue and superb cinematography. #Jazbaa Aishwarya makes a stunning impact, conveying a gamut of emotions [grief, strong-willed, determined] with aplomb. Finest work so far. #Jazbaa #Jazbaa also boasts of two stellar performances: Irrfan [outstanding] and Shabana Azmi [remarkable]. Two major strengths of this film.

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa has not just style but substance. Enjoyed myself watching it. Sanjay Gupta kept me hooked & thrilled till the end. Shabanaji is incapable of any thing short of an outstanding performance. She lifts Jazbaa and how… Azmi Shabana @_SanjayGupta Was a treat watching Aishwarya Rai Bachchan after her long break. She plays such a lovely mother both on & offscreen Jazbaa @_SanjayGupta

  • anamika

    Saw Jazbaa last night & it’ll leave a mark on you. It’s just the thriller the fans were waiting for. Kudos Team! SanjayGupta U can c SanjayGupta fingerprints throughout Jazbaa & the man has finely honed the thriller. A tense, dark, toxic & humorous entertainment irrfan k’s performance stands on its own in Jazbaa & shows u that a straight faced guy can also make u laugh in an intense thrill ride.

  • Ritu

    Just watched Jazbaa brilliant acting by Aishwarya. Completely loved the movie. Jazbaa They says it is a come back film for Aishwarya Rai ,How can you pick such a superb script for ur come back Mrs. Bachchan !! WOW !!

  • Ankit

    Just back from Jazbaa ,Had Dinner !! Now Let’s write and read How good/bad the film is ,.,.next tweet !! Jazbaa is the best work as a director for Sanjay Gupta with margin,he surprised with the scale and with Delivery ,.,.Fantastic work !! Jazbaa They says it is a come back film for Aishwarya Rai ,How can you pick such a superb script for ur come back Mrs. Bachchan !! WOW !! Jazbaa Aishwarya Rai at her best,She made it a wait but How Sweet. She acted with insanity & looked as beautiful as only she can.Full marks Jazbaa Irrfan khan ,.,.You are a Master man,a different species in this rush of stupids.What a SUPERB actor you are,well Done for this act. #Jazbaa Superbly filmed with high dose of Drama and Twists ,This is surely a film to watch this weekend.Recommended !! Rating’s :- 3.75/5* !

  • Vikas Pathak

    SanjayGupta #Jazbaa @irrfan_k @JazbaaFilm Just watched this good intense movie in #Qatar very good acting and good direction. Must Watch..

  • Meghna Malik

    Thumbs up for Jazbaa. My #word what an engaging movie. Irrfan_k rocks Ashwariya great comeback effort Sanjaygupta wonderful direction

  • Ajay Sharma

    Wached Jazbaa wow perfect thriller . Climax superb irrfan_k performance gr8 brilliant direction screen play wow and queen Aishwarya.. Wow

  • Anita Das

    Shabana Azmi proves to the audience time and again why she does what she does. Outstanding performance. Jazbaa

  • Om

    Keep up the excellent articles!

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